YEAR 2004
1st Customer
Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square

In 2003, the average approach temperature of my chillers were 4.8F and the average kW/T was at 0.65. After using Synergy Complete, the approach temperature dropped to 0.8F while the average kW/T dropped to 0.48. All these were maintained without cleaning the condenser. The good performances are maintained since 2004 and have helped the hotel save around 5% energy per year for the chillers.

Flt.Lt. Werayudh Arj-Harn
Director of Technical Services

YEAR 2007
100 Customers

June 2007 marks the 1st 100 customers celebration by Synergy Complete. Our product efficiency and aggressive sales strategies had convinced 100 over Engineering Heads and General Managers of various hotels, malls, hospitals, commercial buildings and factories to switch and use Synergy Complete’s products and services.

YEAR 2011
300 Customers

Synergy Complete’s customer base continued to increase as they expanded their range of energy and water solutions. In year 2011, Synergy Complete held their 300 customers celebration at the green Building Expo Asia event in Impact Muang Thong Thani. CEOs, Vice Presidents, General Managers and Head of Departments attended this event to see Synergy Complete’s latest water recycling and lighting technologies.

Video Testimonials

We could go on and on about Synergy Complete, but sometimes it is best to let our clients do the talking. As part of the 300 customers celebration, these are some of their valuable feedback and testimonials.

YEAR 2014
500 Customers

It took us 9 years to get here and Synergy Complete is now providing energy and water solutions to Thailand's largest companies and international chains
such as Starwood hotels, Accor Hotels, Minor International, Central Malls, Bangkok Hospitals, PTT, TCC, CP, AIS, DTAC and more.


Four Seasons Bangkok Hotel

Project : Recycling of Sewage Water for Cooling Towers

Water Saved :

43,000 m3 per year

Water Bill Reduction :

21,000 USD per year

"In June 2010 we started to use Ultrafiltration Membrane System to treat sewage effluent for re-use in our cooling towers, and more recently we have extended our contract with Synergy Complete Co., Ltd. adding a low pressure Reverse Osmosis machine to expand supply of recycled water for use in fish ponds, flushing and other applications."


Theptarin Hospital Bangkok

Project : Optimization of Chiller Plant

Electric Saved :

360,000 kWh per year

Electric Bill Reduction :

50,000 USD per year

"Environment conservation has always been part of our corporate policies and every year we try to do more. Having Synergy Complete as our partner helps and guides us to achieve our policies. We are all users of the environment, so it is our duty to restore and protect it."


Central Department Store

Project : Advanced Water Treatment Technology for Cooling Towers

Legionella Bacteria :

Not detected since Year 2006

Chiller Approach Temp :

Maintained since Year 2006

Energy Savings :

5% energy savings due to clean chillers

Water Savings :

7,300 m3 per year due to reduced chemicals program

"Synergy Complete cooling water treatment systems have improved the water quality in our cooling tower, maintain low bacteria, clear water, no algae growth and most importantly able to maintain the approach temperature of our chillers."


ONYX Hospitality Group

Project : Replacement of Lighting Systems with Energy Saving LED Lightings

Total No. of Lighting Replaced :

17,000 pcs.

Electric Saved :

2,600,000 kWh per year

Electric Bill Reduction :

300,000 USD per year

"ONYX has benefitted massively from the substantial reduction in its operating cost over the past 12 months. Synergy Complete has provided us with a turnkey package and platform from which we can move onto bigger and better projects."